We offer a wide range of polyester type fabrics (airmesh - net), 100% polyester (interlock) and cotton. We can laminate all the above with foam 2,5 - 3 mm and scrim backing (or not). They can be used as:
- outer fabrics in sport shoes
- internal reinforcements of shoes


Our fabrics meet all EU requirements  while they use no azo dyes (no contain azo colours). We offer a steady range of colours providing our customers stability in collections and a great variety of combinations. We have been for many years the basic suppliers of wholesale shoemaking material companies and of companies producing women boots and shoes in Greece, as well as in the Balkan area.


 fabrics for insoles and shoes  - Fabrics for slippers

aloba 8
aloba pol/er for slippers 

alova, microfibre, alcadara, suede laminated with foam                                                           pol/er and cotton insole  lining in women boots

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