headliner 5

Automotive Aftermarket  Headliner fabrics


Headliner fabrics for car ceiling 

We offer a big range in Αftermarket Headliner  fabrics  brushed  or flatknitted  , laminated with foam  starting from 3 mm to  5 mm thickness depends of customer request .

The colors and designs/types   cover majority  of   car  models. We keep in stock more than 50  colors !! quality A grade .

stable supply for big aftermarket wholesalers  companies .



   headliner fabrics knitted /pike foam laminated  more than 50 colors in stock !


     brushed remake   

      Headliner fabrics brushed /velour foam laminated . 15 colors in stock all time .


  fabrics suede

                    New collection. suede 2 sides elastic for headliner .10 colors in stock all time 

Contact us for samples!!






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