Aiming in the innovation and new technologies, in particular Lamination process as in Technical fabrics, fusible fabrics, linings we started to Laminate (bonding) with use of Glue and specially Hotmelt.

The use of Hotmelt in fields as :

 Foam PUR underlayer for car seats. We supply foam PUR (6 or 10mm) coated with Hotmelt glue, which is thermo reactive. The foam is adjusted on Leather or Pvc leather and by this way, you can avoid the sewing or stitches or high labor costs.

 Car Seats, door trims and car panels carpets of floor and tranks, foams used Hotmelt with High temperature resistance.

 For Orthopedical uses.

 Gear shifts, car air filters, spoilers, sunroof.

 Packaging and cartons

 Underwear, bra, swimwear, clothing. Foam in rolls are bonded with polyester (or other) fabrics, laces where is requested more clean lamination process due to High quality and colors of fabrics.

 Underlayers, incontinence sheets for Hospital and Clinical uses. A cotton terry white is laminated  with PU mebrane or special specifications foil and offered either in rolls or customized dimensions in pieces. 

 Matrasses, pocket springs uses the Hotmelt application process for hold.

 Hats, suitcases, bags.

 Zippers and tapes.

 Sound isolations, foams with Aluminium or pvc membrane, also for thermal isolation.

 PUR Hotmelt also is used in the shoes industries, insoles or linings where the adhesion needs a waterproof Hotmelt PET with extra resistance.

Materials used for the Hotmelt lamination are foams, non woven, fleece, jersey linings, foils which are bonded to fabrics or pvc leathers.

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