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1973 -1977Vasileios Koukkos in N.Artaki Evias starting the production of velvet fabrics for car and furniture ,also polyester scrims with a full line of production line and process of fabrics.In the same time they produce car seat covers in the same place and they wholesale having a sub office in Athens.

1982After many visits in major companies abroad of manufacturing and exporting of car textiles ,a decision is made from our company :to stop the manufacturing of fabrics in Greece and start the first imports of fabrics for car seat covers and car upholstery (laminated or without lamination ) from Europe,Germany,Austria .Italy ,Usa etc.

1985-1990The fabrics we import is necessary many times to have them laminated with foam .So we buy our first flame lamination machine width 200 cm. We are now capable to supply market with our imported fabrics which we laminate , pvc leather also we start the service of lamination to customer fabrics in automotive sector,carnival clothes ,bra and swimwear ,isolation etc.

1990-1996: In own facilities in Athens we are making the flame lamination and the wholesale of fabrics and the company has stable cooperation with foreign suppliers and with factories of selling car fabrics.In Greece is working with all the manufacturers of car seat covers and car upholsteries,Moreover due to the high volume of products we have warehouses (own) in N.Artaki Evias.

1997: In the company people, is entering Konstantinos koukos who is dealing with the commercial depart of the company,imports and purchase/exports and in research in new products in lamination field

2001-2013In the company human resourches in entering Dimitrios Koukos with studies in Economics. Ηαving the experience and the new technologies as well the know how the family business is entering longer with stable and reliable portofolio pf customers in Greece and in Balkans market, Europe etc. and in new sectors of lamination process as

-         Fabrics for shoes industry, carnival costumes and traditional outfits

-         Fabrics with foam for bra and swifwear

-         Isolation and sound isolation (egg trays)

-         Boiler isolation and tehcnical foams

-         Underlayers of leathers

The company due to high volume of items (foam, fabrics) and with target to:

      -        Serve better the customers

      -        Full integration of the products for selling

      -        Better organization of the warehouses

      -        Better coding and larger range of the fabrics and plastics

is constructing a new panel building of 3000m2 in 10000sqm of land with easy access from the National Road of ATHENS-THESSALONIKI in the 1st km.

Until today, with only care to the better service of the customer and using modern equipment and quality raw materials, we deserve to be valorized in the car textiles.

We offer a grate range of raw materials as well ready products and we welcome you to know better our company through this website.

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